Frontier Implements

LS11 Series Liquid Sprayers
  • 25', 30', 30' Boomless, and 40' working widths
  • 250 or 300 gal. teardrop tank
  • Folding breakaway boom and boomless models
  • Hydraulic or PTO pump
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AF10F Front Blades
  • Reversible cutting edges
  • Dependable implement life
  • Quick and easy attachment
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VT17 Series Vertical Tillage Tool
  • Adjustable gang angles for desired aggressiveness
  • Simple adjustments for increased uptime
  • Rolling baskets and blade options enable the desired field finish
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AH11 Bale Huggers
  • Single cylinder for even bale hug
  • Hitch capabilities for super-quick connection
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WR10 Series Wheel Rakes
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Smooth performance
  • Quick field adjustments
  • Center kicker wheel conversion kit
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GM11 Series Grooming Mowers
  • Caster wheels prevent scalping
  • Deck design increases productivity
  • Rugged gearbox with cooling fins
  • Rear chain shield conversion kit for grooming
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DM12 Series Disc Mowers
  • Compensating spring levels cutterbar
  • Helical-shaped cutting knives
  • Oval-shaped discs increases efficiency
  • Conveyor extension aftermarket kits
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LP10 Series Land Planes
  • Electric actuator
  • Manual ratchet lift mechanism
  • Pull-type configuration
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BB20L Series Box Blades
  • Fixed back plate
  • Fixed tailgate
  • Compatible for quick, efficient hookup
  • Scarifier points
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BB20 Series Box Blades
  • Fixed back plate for added rigidity
  • Cutting edge is strategically positioned
  • Fixed tailgate helps in rough situations
  • Scarifier has three depth adjustments
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BB50L Series Box Blades
  • Available in 4-ft and 5-ft widths
  • Compatible with tractors up to 18 PTO hp
  • Ideal for light road maintenance, lawn care, gardening
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BB50 Series Box Blades
  • Equipped with fixed front and rear-replaceable steel cutting edge
  • Feature replaceable, heavy-duty ripper shanks
  • Ranges from 17-56 engine hp and weights of 418-602 pounds
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BB42 Series Box Blades
  • Strong frame
  • Adjustable scarifier
  • Hinged tailgate
  • Hydraulically adjusted scarifier beam
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BB41 Series Box Blades
  • Adjustable scarifier to create working depth
  • Hinged tailgate for superior results
  • Hydraulically adjustable scarifier beam
  • Strong frame for toughest jobs
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BB32 Series Box Blades
  • Adjustable scarifier height to create the desired
  • Hinged tailgate for superior results
  • Strong frame to conquer the toughest jobs
  • Two distinct cutting edges
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BB21 Series Box Blades
  • Cutting edge is strategically positioned
  • Floating tailgate helps in rough conditions
  • iMatchâ„¢ compatible for quick, efficient hookup
  • Scarifier has three depth adjustments
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WR41 Series Wheel Rakes
  • Easy ground-pressure adjustments
  • Wind panel conversion kits for WR41 Series
  • Spring-loaded hydraulic cylinder
  • Spring-loaded drawbar
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WR12 Series Wheel Rakes
  • Narrow transport width
  • Hydraulic aftermarket kits
  • Wind panel conversion kits
  • Offset wheels for smooth, level raking
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RR10E Series Rotary Rakes
  • Simple height and tilt adjustment
  • Tines angled for minimum crop damage
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RT11 Series Rotary Tillers
  • Rotor is helical shaped
  • Skid shoes control depth
  • Compatible with Category 1 or 2 hitch
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